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DAK App: Deal with your paperwork easily

DAK App: Mann sitzt auf Sessel und nutzt entspannt sein Smartphone

Submit invoices and certificates, manage the bonus programme, report a move or change of name, apply for a new health card – with the DAK App this is easy, fast and accessible. Discover the service centre for your pocket!

Download the DAK App for free now!

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What is "Meine DAK"?

"Meine DAK" is your protected area where you can quickly and easily handle your requests, either via the app or on the web. The app is also your personal key for a secure login on the web – you always need it for two-factor authentication. This is how we ensure that your health data is kept in good custody.

What are the advantages of the DAK App?

  • Submit invoices and certificates
    Send documents easily and conveniently with the scanning function.
  • Your fastest connection to us
    Call back service, chat, telephone or e-mail – you have the choice.
  • Manage the "AktivBonus" bonus programme
    Earn points and convert them into cash rewards via app.
  • Digital mailbox saves paper and time
    Deal with matters quickly, easily and paperless with the app.
  • Easy to use and accessible
    Set the DAK App exactly as you need it, for example the font size.
  • Family service
    Deal with matters related to your family-insured children conveniently using the app.
  • View sick notes
    We receive sick notes digitally from your doctor's office. You can keep track of them under "My sick notes".

Deal with your paperwork easily by app

Apply for reimbursement or child sickness benefit, buy family insurance or earn bonus points – with the DAK App you can deal with your matters anytime and anywhere. Paperless, fast and easy!

Get the DAK app in four steps

To use the DAK App, you need to register once. After that, you can log in to the DAK App with your fingerprint or facial recognition, for example.

  1. Download the app
  2. Confirm e-mail address
  3. Set up app code
  4. Identify yourself personally

If you encounter any difficulties registering, please contact us: 040 325 325 536 

Register once, use all DAK applications

The registration and identification process is designed to protect your health data. Another advantage: all you have to do is identify yourself once and then you can use our various digital services, easily and securely. With just one password or your app code!

Who can use the DAK App?

The DAK App can be used by all insured persons aged 15 and over, provided they have a health card and a smartphone with the current operating system. The smartphone must also be protected by a display lock, for example by biometric recognition.

DAK App in English

In order to use the DAK App in English, the language must be set in the general settings of the operating system. The DAK App then automatically adopts this setting and can be used in German and for the most part also in English.

Information on data protection

No matter what services you use in the DAK App or what personal data you store there: your data remains protected by secure transmission and encryption techniques. We offer a high level of data security. Therefore, your registration requires so-called two-factor authentication.
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