Ihre Verbindung zu Meine DAK wird wegen Inaktivität in Sekunden getrennt. Möchten Sie die Verbindung beibehalten?

What is it about and what are my advantages?

Safe and simple! This is what our customers answer when asked how they imagine access to DAK-Gesundheit’s digital services. We are aiming to achieve this with our new registration and log in system.

You identify yourself once (e.g. for DAK App) and thereby generate your DAK-ID, with which you can also use further digital services of DAK-Gesundheit. The identification can be done at one of our over 300 service centres, via POSTIDENT or with an NFC-enabled insurance card and makes the use of our applications even safer. NFC stands for a contactless data transmission which uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, recognisable by the following sign on your card:

What is DAK-ID and what is new?

DAK-ID consists of your insurance number, a password you choose yourself and a six-digit code.

New: You can use our apps on several devices - that was not possible before. Several people can share the same device. This helps family members who do not have a smartphone, for example. With the help of the new, digital identification procedures, your registration is done within a few minutes. The activation code is no longer sent by post. You can use an app activated in this way to unlock other DAK-Gesundheit digital services – that means that you only need to make the effort once and can benefit several times over.

What exactly does this mean for me?

Where will you come across our new system? That depends on your individual situation:

  • Are you a first-time user of our digital services, e. g. DAK App? It’s ideal if you are looking for a safe and quick way to contact us. Use the integrated scan function to submit documents conveniently from any place and at any time. If you are interested, please download DAK App onto your smartphone, register, complete the identification process and activate your online access.
  • You already use DAK App? The first time you start it after the introduction of our new registration and log in system, you will automatically be guided through the migration process and asked to confirm some of your data (e. g. your password or your e-mail address). After that, you will be able to use DAK App as before.

Please find the six last digits of your Kennnummer on the back of your insurance card:

Rückseite eGK

  • You are already registered for the protected web area, "Meine DAK" and would like to use DAK App? Please download it onto your smartphone, register with your login data at "Meine DAK", complete the identification process and then activate DAK App. We specifically recommend the registration for DAK App to our “Meine DAK” webportal users because it ensures access to all online services that require a 2-factor authentication.

Please note that, for security reasons, some areas and services are not available if you solely use "Meine DAK", but you can of course continue this restricted access. Confirming the new registration and log in system is still necessary, but our website takes you through all the required steps.

  • You already use the electronic patient file (ePA) and would like to register for DAK App? Great, because you can easily activate it with the help of DAK ePA App. After installing DAK App, please log in with your insurance number and your ePA password. You will now be guided through the approval process. By the way, the approval works both ways (to unlock DAK ePA App, if your DAK App access is already activated).

No matter what applies to you: DAK App guides you through the registration process in just a few minutes, step by step!

This is how the secure identification works

To ensure that only you have access to your personal data, we need to identify you securely as part of the new registration process. We offer you more than one way to do this - so you can decide which one suits you best. After downloading the app and registering, you can choose between different identification options.

POSTIDENT: Identification via the online ID function (eID)

For identification with the eID, you also need the POSTIDENT App (available on Google Play and in the App Store). Identification takes place via NFC interface between the ID card and the smartphone. This means that you need an NFC-enabled smartphone and ID card, as well as the corresponding PIN. After your data has been checked, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If the check was successful, this completes the registration process for DAK App.

POSTIDENT: Identification at a post office branch

If you choose this identification in your DAK App, you will receive a POSTIDENT coupon by e-mail. Please take it to a post office in Germany (original post office, no shop-in-shop branches). Show the coupon with your ID card at the post office, the POSTIDENT App is not necessary. After your data has been checked, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If the check was successful, this completes the registration process for DAK App.

Identification at the DAK service centre

Simply come to one of our 300 service centres with your identity card (alternatively: passport or residence permit). After identification, you will receive an activation code for the app.

As the official carer of a DAK-insured person (power of attorney issued by a court), you will also receive an activation code for your cared-for person at the DAK Service Centre.

Identification by insurance card (NFC card with PIN) - In connection with the electronic patient file (DAK ePA App).

The new electronic health cards (eGK) are equipped with so-called NFC technology and are gradually replacing the previous health cards. If you have a health card with NFC function and a PIN, you can use it to identify yourself on an NFC-enabled smartphone.