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Your electronic health card

The DAK-Gesundheit health card

Your passport to doctor and hospital services

Our insureds are issued with the DAK-Gesundheit electronic health card. When you are ill, simply present this health insurance card at the doctor's practice or hospital and you will be treated at no additional cost.

Health card with photograph

Your health card has a small chip that stores information such as your name, address and membership number. The front of the card bears a photo of you, and the back of the card should be signed.

How to get your health card

Everyone who is insured with DAK-Gesundheit is automatically sent an electronic health card by post. Before we can issue your health card, however, we need a photo. We will therefore send you a letter with all the relevant information. The letter will include a number: this is your photo ID and will allow you to upload the photo for your card yourself.

Alternatively, you can hand in the photo at a service centre. This must be done using a special form which is available from us. If you do not have a photo, simply go to a local DAK service centre and we will photograph you free of charge. That is all you need to do.