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This is how health insurance in Germany functions

In the event of illness, you are completely covered thanks to your health insurance

In Germany every person must have health insurance. There are two options for this: statutory and private health insurance. Most people, namely about 90 percent, are insured with a statutory health insurance company. The advantage: the contribution that members pay depends on their income. Anyone who earns a lot pays a lot; anyone who earns less plays a lower contribution. Family members without earnings can even be co-insured free of charge. Nevertheless, everyone still gets the same high-quality medical treatment if they become ill.

With a private health insurance, the contribution is instead determined by the benefits which the insured person would like to make use of. Free insurance for family members is not available there.

As long as you do not exceed a certain limit with your salary as an employee, you are obligated to insure yourself with a statutory health insurance company.

Health insurance in Germany

Benefits of statutory health insurance companies

Regardless of whether you must go to a doctor or a hospital, need medicines or whether your doctor issues a prescription for physiotherapy or for crutches: your health insurance company pays for all that. With the exception of minor co-payments, you do not have to pay for anything, but merely show the doctor your health insurance card. The same thing applies to your co-insured family members: they each also receive their own health insurance card in order to make us of benefits.

Make provisions and remain healthy

Your health insurance company not only helps you in the event of illness, but also assumes costs for various preventive medical examinations. For instance, you can have a preventive examination for dental diseases, cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. For children there is also a continuous offer of preventive medical examination until they become legal adults. In addition, you can renew your vaccine protection free of charge and thus protect yourself against dangerous infectious diseases.

Contri­bution: your membership costs

The contribution for your health insurance depends on the amount of your income. With us it amounts to 16.1 percent monthly; however, with employees the employer assumes almost half of the contribution.

As a self-employed person you pay 15.5 percent of your income monthly. Students who no longer insured with their parents as a dependant from age 25 pay about 80 euros a month for their health insurance.

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