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Advantages of health insurance with DAK-Gesundheit

We would like that you remain healthy and you will be quickly healthy again if you are ever not in the best of health. That is why in the event of illness, for example, we will bear your treatment costs with a doctor and for your medicines. We will also support you with numerous check-up offers so that you remain healthy as long as possible.

Convince yourself and learn about the advantages which you can personally benefit from:


In addition to your health, is your family the most important thing in your life? We can easily understand that. That is why for us at DAK-Gesundheit it is also a matter of course to co-insure your family members free of charge.

You can co-insure the following family members free of charge:

  • Spouse or same-gender partner, if they have no income or merely a low income
  • Children
  • Stepchildren or grandchildren, if they live with you

If your family members would like to be co-insured without contributions, please contact us per e-mail at ed.kad@beirtrev.


If you are ill and must go to a doctor, we will bear the costs for your necessary medical treatment. We will also pay for the medicines which your doctor prescribes for you. Billing occurs simply via your personal health insurance card – this means that you do not have to advance any money, but merely pay the legally stipulated own contribution.

Free choice of doctor

One of the major advantages of statutory health insurance companies is the free choice of doctor. This means that you can choose which doctor who will treat you. The only requirement: the doctor is licenced to work with health insurance companies – but this applies to most doctors in Germany.


If you must go to a hospital because of an operation or a severe illness, we will naturally also pay for your stay and your treatment there, with the exception of a minor legal co-payment. You ordinarily receive a referral from your doctor in order to be admitted to a hospital. In emergencies you can also go immediately to a hospital.

Sick pay

If you are ill and unable to work, you do not have to worry about your financial situation. Because in the event of illness your employer also continues to pay your salary for six weeks. If your employer stops payments after six weeks, we will help out as your health insurance company. Then we will continue to pay a portion of your salary, the so-called “sick pay”. It is about 70 percent of your gross income. Simply send us your certificate of incapacity for work and we will take care of the rest.


In addition to diligent care, the best protection for your teeth is above all a regular check-up with a dentist. That is also why we will bear the costs for your visits to a dentist.

Regular check-ups

So that your teeth remain healthy, you can go to a free check-up appointment with a dentist of your choice once a year, even better every six months. During these appointments the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth in order to prevent caries and tooth damage.

If you have these check-ups stamped in your so-called “bonus book”, you get a higher benefit if you ever need a dental prosthesis.

Off to the dentist in case of a toothache

If you have a toothache and need help quickly, in this case we will also bear the costs for your visit to the dentist. The treatment will be billed very simply via your insurance card.

We also support you with dental prostheses

Health insurance with DAK-Gesundheit also includes cost sharing with dental prostheses. Regardless of whether you need a crown, bridge or other type of dental prosthesis, we will support you with the costs.


Are you having a baby? Congratulations! Of course we will also take care of you and your baby in the exciting period of pregnancy.

Benefits during pregnancy

We will bear the costs so that a doctor and a midwife are at your side during your pregnancy if required. You can also make use of regular check-up during the pregnancy – so your gynaecologist can determine whether you and your baby are healthy. Of course we will also bear the costs for the delivery in the hospital.

In addition, you can take part in two free pregnancy courses, once for birth preparation and once for recovery.

Maternity allowance

If you are employed and expecting a baby, you are not allowed to work for six weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth for health reasons. We will pay you a maternity allowance so that you are still financially covered in this time.

The maternity allowance amounts to a maximum 13 euros per calendar day. You employer assumes the difference to your net income so that you do not have any financial losses during the maternity protection period.

And as soon as your baby comes into the world, you can immediately include the baby free of charge in your insurance with DAK-Gesundheit.

Summary of benefits

You can also find all advantages of DAK-Gesundheit at a glance in our overview of benefits:

Benefits of DAK-Gesundheit

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