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DAK-Gesundheit: statutory health insurers in Germany

Welcome to DAK-Gesundheit, one of Germany's largest statutory health insurers. With 230 years of experience, we are also one of the country's longest-established providers. We are proud to cover around six million people. DAK-Gesundheit offers excellent benefits, professional service and vision. Look ahead with us – for your health, your life and your future.

Health insurance in Germany

Germany operates a social security system, and one of the most important features of that system is mandatory insurance. This means that the vast majority of those living and working in Germany must take out statutory insurance cover for certain risks such as illness, unemployment and accidents. Both the employer and the employee pay social security contributions.

This does not apply to the self-employed, freelancers, those in marginal employment, public servants or soldiers. These groups can take out voluntary private insurance.

DAK-Gesundheit: health insurance for a healthy future in Germany

Who knows what the future will bring? That is why you should always stay on the safe side in all things health-related. DAK-Gesundheit is a partner you can rely on your whole life long. You can count on us as your health insurer in all situations in life.

We cover the costs of doctors' appointments, operations, medicine, devices ranging from hearing aids to walking frames, prevention services such as nutrition advice and help to stop smoking, and much more. We invest 20 billion euros each year in the health of our insureds – that is nearly 55 million euros a day.