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Social security and mandatory insurance in Germany

Heath insurance for foreign nationals in Germany

The German social security system

Health insurance for foreign nationals in Germany comes under social security. Social security is a system that ensures that people are protected in the event of illness, pregnancy, incapacity, accidents, physical restrictions in professional life, unemployment and in old age.

Mandatory insurance in Germany

Social security is a mandatory form of insurance („Pflichtversicherung“). Health insurance for foreign nationals in Germany is therefore also mandatory: as soon as you start working in Germany, you need insurance – no matter what your nationality.

Health insurance for foreign nationals

As an employee in Germany, you can select a health insurer of your choice, for example DAK-Gesundheit. Your employer will register you with your chosen insurer at the start of your employment. Your share of the financial contribution to health insurance will automatically be withheld from your salary – you do not need to take care of this.
Why not choose DAK-Gesundheit today? You will find all background information and details under „Becoming a member“.

Statutory or private health insurance?

DAK-Gesundheit is a statutory health insurer. This means that a large majority of our services are required under law. The basic rate for contributions is the same for all statutory health insurers; insureds then also pay an individual additional contribution for their chosen insurer.

There are also a number of private health insurers, which calculate the financial contribution on the basis of your personal health risk. Your age, your health and your profession are all considered in this assessment. This is one of the main differences between private insurance and cover from DAK-Gesundheit or other statutory health insurers.

Additional private cover

Neither statutory nor private health insurance can completely cover all health risks. For example, tooth prostheses can only be covered in part, and spectacles and contact lenses only under certain conditions. If, however, this cover is important to you, you have the option of taking out supplementary private insurance. Supplementary cover can be taken out for a wide range of illnesses and areas.

Social security and mandatory insurance in Germany

Long-term care, accident and unemployment insurance and pensions are also part of social security alongside health insurance. Contributions for these components are also withheld from your salary and transferred to the competent bodies by the health insurer. Financial contributions to statutory accident insurance, which comes into effect primarily in the event of accidents at work, are paid by your employer.