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DAK-Gesundheit family insurance

DAK-Gesundheit family insurance: cover for you and your whole family

Insure your spouse and children with no extra contribution

Your DAK-Gesundheit insurance does not just cover you: you can also extend it to your spouse and children with no extra contribution. Our family insurance provides security for you and your relatives in the event of illness – and that at no additional cost.

Family insurance is available for

  • Your spouse or partner („life partner“) as defined in the German Act on Registered Life Partnerships (Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz)
  • Biological and adopted children
  • Children of children covered by your family insurance
  • Stepchildren and grandchildren who are provided for primarily by you, the DAK member
  • Foster children unless you are fostering professionally

To qualify for cover for you and you loved ones, you must be resident in Germany and must not already have other statutory health insurance.

Free insurance for your children

You can put your children on your insurance until they are 18. Cover is available until your children turn 23 if they are not yet earning, and until they turn 25 if they are studying.
There is no age limit for family insurance for children who are mentally, psychologically or physically disabled and unable to provide for themselves.

Income limits

Certain income limits apply for family insurance: your relatives must not be earning more than 485 Euros monthly. If the job in question is marginal employment (a „Minijob“), the limit is 520 Euros. (2023)

Applying for family insurance

Are you interested in family insurance?

Please complete and sign the application and return it to us by post.