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Becoming a DAK-Gesundheit member

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Why we are the right choice of health insurer

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Family-friendly, strong, reliable and focused on service: that is DAK-Gesundheit. We will take good care of you and your children – your health is our priority.
We are committed to offering a whole range of extra services above the standard on the market. For example, we provide wide-ranging dental services, and great prevention and care options.

We are committed to providing good service. We support you when you are ill and help you before, during and after treatment. You can see us in person at any of our many offices, and we can also deal with your queries by telephone. Simply call us on 040 325 325 536.

True friends are there when you need them most, and we are there for you when things get difficult. If you need to go into hospital, you alone decide at which hospital in the statutory health insurance network you wish to be treated. We are, of course, also there to support you if you need care or rehabilitation.